About Us

Feet.Land is an international foot-themed online marketplace, that is safe and secure. It was created by Wall Capital Ltd, a UK company.

We enable Models to sell creative and high-quality albums featuring their feet to prospective Buyers. All payments are conducted securely, through our reputable payment partners.

In addition, all our Models are carefully selected via an application process, to assure quality and peace of mind for our Buyers.

Feet.Land is not an adult ‘porn’ site, as we have a zero-nudity policy; however, you must be at least 18 years old to use the website.

Why did we create Feet.Land?

Photos and videos of feet are being sold online, worldwide 24 hours a day. Did you know - a ‘foot fetish’ is an extremely common fetish? Foot media is often sold on a mishmash of social media, and a platform of generic websites – which can be confusing and risky.

We wanted to create a place where amateur and professional foot models can unite and feel safe – with a specialist ‘spotlight’ on feet. This ensures that foot content does not get lost in genericness with other types of content.

Feet.Land offers a secure environment for sales, mitigates the risks of scams, and allows Models and Buyers the freedom to enjoy and indulge in their foot passion. You know when you use Feet.Land you are coming here for ‘all things feet’, and we fulfil that purpose in a major currency of your choice.