What is Feet Land?

Is Feet Land an adult website?

Is Nudity allowed on Feet Land?

Can I share my account with others?


Is Feet Land free to use?

Can I obtain a refund?

Do I need to pay VAT?

What currencies do you support?

Why is there a 2.5% non-GBP transaction fee?


Can anyone become a Model?

How can I become a Feet Land Model?

Why do you have Model applications?

How do Models earn money?

Is there a limit to how much a Model can earn?

What currency will I get paid in?

Who sets my Content prices?

Do I need to charge VAT?

Why should I sell on Feet Land?

Do I need to show my face or speak, in my content?

Will my identity be private as a Model/Model Applicant?

Why do you need my ID/a photo of me holding my ID when I apply as a Model?

Can I share & promote my Feet.Land profile page?